Our Rooms

Rooms and facilities

Woodshack Rehearsal Studios have rehearsal rooms available from 12 noon to 11pm most days. Whatever your requirements or music genre – rock, jazz, punk or Brit pop, Woodshack Rehearsal Rooms provide you with a rehearsal environment to develop your performance.

There are two rehearsal rooms initially with plans to add a third. The rooms are a decent size 6500mm x 3575mm, capable of comfortably accommodating a 6 piece band. Each are kitted out with a PA system, Drums, 2 mics a bass amp and 2 lead amps We plan to be able to offer more equipment for hire so email us or blog our site and tell us what you will want and we will do our best to have the right gear available.

The idea is that our rehearsal rooms are open to anyone from traditional rock bands to singers, brass instrument players, individual drummers, teacher & pupil etc.

All types of music welcome! There is a spacious relaxation area with TV and games station and we will be able to offer tea and coffee as well as cold drinks.