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Woodshack Rehearsal Studios will soon be stocking its own branded gear supplied by Band it Gear.

This excellent company has supplied record labels, bands, promoters, soloists and venues tailouring all products to your needs.

Customised Band Merchandise

Band it Gear can print your logo or name on any Band Merchandise & Print.

Perfect if you would like your own bands tea shirts, stickers, badges, picks, lighters or banners.

Visit the Band it Gear website for more information


Stone Gods film at Woodshack


The Stone Gods video for don’t drink the water was filmed at Woodshack Rehearsal studios

When the rollercoaster ride that was The Darkness came to an abrupt and messy end with the departure of Justin Hawkins, the remaining members of the band were staring premature retirement in the face.

But when rock ‘n’ roll courses through your veins, surrender is never an option, and so less than an hour after their erstwhile singer jumped ship, plans were already afoot to get the show back on the road.

The whole album is a classic!


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